About us


Quanzhou Chaojie 3D Technology Co., Ltd. has a national high-tech enterprise cultivation certificate. More than 20 appearance and invention patent certificates, and school-enterprise cooperation with many local universities in Quanzhou, serving the Haisi Economic and Industrial Zone, and cultivating more high-tech talents. Our company has a plant and office area of more than 6000 square meters. The office environment full of science and technology and professional high-tech talent team accounted for 80% of professional engineers with bachelor degree or above, and excellent domestic and foreign sales teams, which are unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign customers.


Our company cooperates with customers in more than 30 countriesand regions

around the world, has more than 50 overseas customers,and nearly 2,000 domestic

customers. Its application fields include shoe molds, medical care, industrial

design, sculpture, handicrafts, aviation,and auto parts. And other various

manufacturing industries.In the future, Superjet will fulfill the research and

development goals of China's smart manufacturing, and always uphold the

ingenuity of research, focus, and concentration to bring customers more efficient

3D printers.

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