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Founded in 2010, Quanzhou superjet 3D Technology Co. , Ltd. is an innovative high-tech Enterprise Specializing in the R & D and sales of 3D printers and precision CNC machine tools. Our OMNG SLA 3d printer is not used in shoe mold, Buddha statue, automobile industry, hand plate, invisible retainer and so on!

Our parent company, Chaojie Precision Machinery Co. , Ltd. was established in 1997, mainly to do the processing equipment of shoe mold industry: Wood Mold double-head engraving machine, vertical processing center. After more than 20 years of development, we have sold over 3000 wooden carving machines in the shoe mould industry, and served more than 500 customers. Founder and technical director of the company summed up the shoe mold industry encountered various bottlenecks, and as a platform for the creation of ultra-fast 3D Technology Co. , Ltd. , focused on the promotion of SLA 3D printers. . After years of constant research and development. In 2014, he developed the first industrial grade, high precision, SLA light cured 3D printer. In addition, the COMPANY'S MATERIALS R & D team is also constantly improving materials, reducing costs . This has resulted in an overall reduction in operating costs of at least 49% compared to traditional wood molding equipment In the application of the Shoe Mould Industry, our SLA 3D Printer's precision, Surface finish and efficiency are the best in the world by comparing with the data of international famous brands We have accumulated more than 20 years of rich design experience in CNC, it also makes our 3D printer equipment very stable. To ensure the best 3d printer in the industry, we invest a LOT OF MONEY IN R & D and User Experience to produce 3d printers that are better suited to the needs of our customers Because we know more about the essentials and needs of shoe modeling than any other 3D printer company. Our SLA 3d printer is the perfect solution to the fine print of the shoe mold industry, such as the Buddha's facial expressions, Surface finish, etc. . At present our equipment National Buddha, the Chinese Buddha industry is widely used . Our SLA 3d printer provides rapid modeling and professional materials for the automotive industry. Chaojie is the 3D printer equipment supplier of Tesla Vela in China. With the popularization of 3D printer technology, the application of dental medical level is very popular. In particular, the application of invisible braces. Our SLA 3D printer prints out a high tooth density, less lamination, very suitable for the production of invisible braces. At present already had the large medical establishment in the cooperation, the batch customizes the retainer for the customer.


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Our goal

The Future Chaojie will not forget the original intention, forge ahead, develop better and more new products, continue to create greater value for customers, for the benefit of the country. Super Outstanding three-dimensional Technology Co. , Ltd.'s products will go to the world, for the motherland and cheers!

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